Crust Pizza Co. is one of the fastest growing fast casual pizza concepts throughout the southern U.S.
and we are looking for select partners to help us continue our exponential growth!

The Story Behind
Crust Pizza Co.

Crust Pizza Co. is the vision of Clint Price and Mark Rasberry, a growth-oriented pair who beyond their lifelong friendship, decided to establish a partnership that unites their professional backgrounds and love for pizza.

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Our pizza franchise chain was founded by Clint Price and Mark Rasberry. Friends since the 5th grade, the pair even roomed together their first year of college. 

Following college, Mark landed in the mortgage business and eventually established a mortgage company which he ran for over a decade until 2009. Clint worked in the restaurant industry for several years and then pursued a career in software sales for over 10 years before relocating to New Jersey for a job opportunity in 2006, which was short-lived due to the financial crisis of 2008. 

After the economy cratered, Clint fell back into the restaurant business while still in New Jersey and regained contact with Mark shortly thereafter whom he soon discovered was also looking for another career path due to the financial crisis. The pair started brainstorming and sharing interests to see if they could strike a partnership. With Clint’s restaurant background, Mark’s business background, and of course their shared love of great pizza, they started exploring the idea of opening a pizza restaurant. 

Clint had been in the epicenter for pizza while living in the New Jersey/New York area, and it only made sense to spend some time working in pizzerias to get a feel of the industry. For almost 2 years, he worked in multiple pizzerias to understand everything that goes into a pizza business. Throughout that time, Mark and Clint drafted a business plan, slowly developed the Crust Pizza Co. concept, and scoured the country tasting pizza while also looking for the best location to start their new concept. After visiting everywhere from North Carolina to Georgia and full circle back to Austin, Texas, they resolved to start the business in The Woodlands, Texas. 

Our first location was officially opened in January 2011, and upon realizing success, we decided to expand by sharing our business model with entrepreneurs looking to maximize their revenue-earning potential by partnering with an established and proven brand.

By 2019, Mark and Clint had partnered with Carl Comeaux and Nicholas Fontenot to expand Crust Pizza Co. into Louisiana and to help grow the franchise. Carl and Nick’s extensive franchise background consists of multiple successful franchise concepts around the U.S. and made a perfect fit to help with the aggressive growth Crust plans to see over the next few years.

Crust’s Growth Plan

We have a real estate team that is constantly looking for “A” class locations and sites. When you sign up for a franchise, we will either have a site already picked out for you or give you access to a list of select locations with high revenue-earning potential to choose from.

The old saying “Location, Location, Location” is true and we invest a lot of time and money seeking out the best spots for you when you partner with us.

Our Culture

At Crust Pizza Co., our success depends on our people and we believe our restaurant can only grow and prosper when we work to continuously improve ourselves and the work we do.

We do recognize, however, that success goes beyond numbers. Our success is a measure of the way we achieve our goals as it determines our actual achievements, and we believe that a commitment to uncompromising values and integrity should always guide our decisions in pursuit of our goals. Discover the 7 core values that form the foundation of our success.

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Mission:  To create an inviting pizza restaurant atmosphere for our guests, serving high quality food with great customer service.  

Vision: To make our guests' experience at Crust the best part of their day!  

Motto: Perfection right down to the Crust! 

Crust 5 Core Values: 

Commitment: To pursue growth and giving back to our communities we love (grow and giving) 

Respect: To show all guests and employees that we care (treat others like you want to be treated) 

Unity: To learn and lead together as a unified team that perseveres (team work) 

Service: To deliver WOW to our guests every time (customer experience) 

Thankfulness: To be grateful, humble and positive (attitude) 

Unique Franchise

We don’t have one thousand units where you are just a number. Out of every applicant we receive, on average 1 out of 10 get selected to become a partner. Through active management, we are building a robust network of partners who will scale with us and will be working with both our founders and our team.

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Our 5-Year Vision.

By 2025, we aim to have partnered with 25-35 motivated indiv who will help us grow to 50 restaurants in Houston, 50 restaurants in Dallas, and 30 restaurants in Louisiana. 

Our Menu and Service.

Each element of our menu was carefully chosen to create a delicious pizza that many have come to love. We always become the #1 pizza restaurant in every new market we enter and our staff is well trained to deliver the best customer service. 

We work hard to ensure that we offer amazing meals and deliver unparalleled customer service that makes our guests feel like Crust is an extension of their family dining experience.  

Size Of The
Pizza Industry

The pizza industry is THRIVING & pandemic-proof. In America, we spend more than $46 billion per year on pizza according to CHD experts, making the industry a lucrative one. While most restaurant concepts were impacted by COVID, the pizza industry stood strong, and in PMQ Pizza Magazine’s own words in its 2021 Pizza Power Report, “The Pizza industry as a whole turned out to be both recession-proof and pandemic-proof.”

This shows that starting a pizza business is a great investment for any successful entrepreneur looking to buy a franchise to add to their portfolio!

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The Pizza Industry At A Glance: 

 • Widespread demographics from kids to adults – everyone loves pizza!

 • 83% of consumers eat pizza at least once per month.

 • Health-conscious customers who still love to indulge look for healthy options such as thin crusts, cauliflower crust, and vegan options. At Crust Pizza Co., we have all three.

 • Pizza has been a family staple for over 100 years and needless to say, it’s here stay – no fad here.

The Crust Culture: Our Team, Guests, And Everything In-Between



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